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ANNOUNCING A NEW ALBUM:  ‘THE COINCIDENTALIST’ by HOWE GELB scheduled for release November 5th, 2013 on New West Records.   The current solo self release ‘DUST BOWL’ limited edition CD is a preamble to this new upcoming full band record and tour.

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Song Premiere: Howe Gelb - "Vortexas"

Howe Gelb has quite the proven track record as a musician, logging three decades of work and a successful career with band Giant Sand to boot. The Coincidentalist, Gelb’s forthcoming New West Records debut, Gelb continues to infuse his lyrics with honesty and meaning.

“A coincidentalist is a fellow who recognizes several incidences occurring at once and their relativity, and therefore utilizes them,” explains Gelb of the album’s title. “Not so much as an omen and definitely not bearing on the reasons of each occurrence, but instead taking it as a signpost, a critical point in nature that says, ‘Stop and pay attention here. I’m not telling you which way to go. That’s up to destiny – destiny will come along and tell you which way to go. But until destiny gets here, all I can tell you is stop and pay attention.’”

While Gelb’s got your attention, check out the first track from The Coincidentalist, “Vortexas,” in the link below. The song features Will Oldham (Bonnie Prince Billy) and will be available on Sept. 3. The Coincidentalist is set for release on Nov. 5.

To hear “Vortexas” go to:—vortexas.html




Howe Gelb produces KT Tunstall’s new record : Invisible Empire//Crescent Moon

(Virgin: release date June 10, 2013)


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dust bowl
the time frame intrigues ..
that little sparkle of speckle filling up our sun beams so dancingly down to earth
when we think about our time in history now vexed with its perplex ..  so intense and off the chart  …  dense with hardship, fear and economic woe .. .  it’s of interest to compare it to a time within a waterless storm without end and the future offering nothing but dust
that’s what songs became then too  ..   dancingly down to earth
here is a sonic collection that could have been culled from such an endless season while survival and love would have to fight off each other for one’s priority
no matter what unfolds, the spirit finds the way to sing through it like we’re only here for a blink of an eye regardless of the dusty chunk in it
these dusty tracks were mostly done at home (and not on a computer except nicely badly on the last 3) with that true dust sound
the sound of survival instead of a demise
.. a revival for the dust free to one day arise.
th eend
– howe gelb


may 8, 2013

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